För inte alltför länge sedan gav Peter Rober ut boken “In Therapy Together”. Han har ett ödmjukt sätt att jobba med familjer och fördjupar sig i begrepp som tvekan och oro. Begrepp som vi kanske inte alltid ägnar så mycket uppmärksamhet, men möter desto oftare i våra rum.


“This is an excellent exploration of a dialogical process that provides fresh opportunities to engage with ideas and methods from systemic, narrative and related approaches to family therapy. In Therapy Together  is a clearly written and readily absorbing account of the author’s dialogical orientation as a  therapist which places therapy first and foremost as a human encounter full of creative possibilities.”

(Jim Wilson)

“This is a powerful illustration of the importance of working with families in severe crisis. Peter Rober expertly guides the reader through the emerging field of dialogical practice and builds bridges with more traditional systemic family therapy. This is a ground-breaking book in which the author demonstrates his brilliance as a clinician and excellence as a researcher.”

(Jaakko Seikkula)